Fixed income matters

Join us in opening up the fixed income market.


Our mission is clear…
Break down the barriers to fixed income investing and make it genuinely accessible for all participants.

At CBXmarket, we are fixed income investors who became increasingly frustrated with the lack of transparency, poor data quality and inefficiencies in the bond market so we decided to fix it. We have leveraged our collective experience as technologists, mathematicians and financial engineers to design solutions to democratize the fixed income markets.

The backbone of CBXmarket is our technology expertise. We spent 3 years working with banks, asset managers, financial advisors, and independent investors to transcend antiquated market structures, expensive terminal systems, and fragmented data access.

Now, with our leading cloud computing technology, we aggregate, organize and distribute massive amounts of market data more efficiently than ever before. The result is transparency and access in line with the broader financial markets. We are changing the culture of ambiguity traditionally associated with fixed income, so you can make smarter decisions and turn insights into profits.

Maintaining a client centric strategy is a core value of our company and crucial to our success moving forward. As such, user preferences and feedback are key drivers of the innovation and development of our platform. As needs change, we continue to innovate. And, while the platform is easy to learn on your own, we are available for 24-7 support. Above all, our laser focus on fixed income investing makes you the expert.

Together we will drive participation, enhance liquidity, and build a market that is truly open to all.
With CBXmarket, the power of knowledge and accessibility is at your fingertips.