Investment Managers

Solutions to streamline
portfolio management processes

We partner with investment teams to deliver the data, analytics, and process automation capabilities
necessary to outperform in an increasingly challenging operating environment.

With OASIS you can…

  • Source fixed income data and analytics

    Native CUSIP database covering entire universe of fixed income securities

  • Deploy portfolio optimization algorithms

    Define your unique investment strategy and investable universe to generate optimal trade suggestions in real time

  • Allocate trades more efficiently

    Automate allocation processes to ensure appropriate trade sizing across all accounts while adhering to portfolio-specific strategies and constraints

  • Access the platform anytime anywhere

    Built on Microsoft’s best-in-class cloud platform, the system is flexible and accessible anywhere on any device

  • Rapidly test hundreds of scenarios

    Deploy scenario analysis tools to test the impact of different market and strategy related shifts across all accounts simultaneously

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“CBXmarket leverages comprehensive analytics, essential data feeds, and a streamlined interface in order to deliver a dedicated fixed-income platform that’s robust, powerful, and meets the needs of both analysts and portfolio managers alike.”CHARLIE, CREDIT ANALYST, HIGH YIELD −

What you can do…

  • Determine the appropriate allocation of a new issue across existing portfolios

  • Proprietary search and screen functions make it easy to find new issues
  • Engage the Portfolio filter to identify suitable portfolios and the appropriate allocations
  • Use portfolio modeling tools to evaluate the impact of adding the new issuance to any of your portfolios
  • Analyze current primary market conditions and compare them to historical trends

  • Manage SMAs, ETFs and mutual funds with aggregated reporting tools and portfolio alerts

  • Maintain transparency across all client portfolios from a single dashboard
  • Monitor cash levels, rating changes, upcoming maturities and payments across all accounts
  • Set alerts to stay informed on new issues, price movements and rating changes

  • Input specific portfolio constraints (i.e. sector allocation bands, issuer restrictions, etc.) to identify breaches and ensure compliance with investment guidelines

  • Use the Portfolio Strategies tool to implement unique investment guidelines
  • Bond and portfolio-level activity will be monitored by the system, allowing you to efficiently manage more portfolios with enhanced transparency
  • Maintain more complex investment strategies with the help of system reporting and analytics

  • Rebalance portfolios through the course of a market cycle

  • As bonds mature or market values shift, use the Comparable Bonds tool to source securities with similar risk and return metrics
  • Use the draft portfolios function to model out potential asset allocation schemes and evaluate the impact on your portfolios
  • Compare different allocation schemes analyzing key risk/return metrics side-by-side with the Compare Portfolios tool

  • Improve your chances at winning new business

  • Source relevant portfolio and market data to complete RFPs
  • Provide prospects with before and after snapshots of proposed portfolio changes
  • Highlight the impact of your suggested changes based on a variety of different performance and risk metrics
  • Build a mock portfolio based on the prospects’ investment preferences and quickly produce a presentation-quality report to bring to your meeting