Individual Investors

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CBXmarket provides individual investors the Wall Street-caliber tools and analytics to support every step of the investment process.
We empower you to take control of your fixed income portfolio.

CBXmarket can help you…

  • Invest with confidence

    Our platform enables you to ask the right questions, have informed conversations and make intelligent investment decisions

  • Survey the bond market like a portfolio manager

    Use institutional-quality data and analytics to identify trends and evaluate investment opportunities

  • Efficiently manage your investments

    Easily navigate the platform to find the tools and information you need

  • Affordable access to best-in-class market data

    Access information from the same data providers as institutional investors at an affordable price

  • You’re not alone

    Our support team is available to help you leverage the platform to effectively manage your fixed income portfolio

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“CBXmarket provides an extremely easy solution to search for bonds across the U.S. fixed income universe.
I would even venture to say that their search function is better than that of the Bloomberg terminal.”Rajul, Research Analyst, Asset Manager

What you can do…

  • You receive a quote and want to confirm you are getting best execution pricing

  • Our pricing validation tools enable you to efficiently benchmark your quotes, evaluate prices and negotiate for tighter spreads

  • Historical pricing charts provide a sense of how spreads have changed through market cycles
  • Calculate yield, spread and duration based on the quote you received with our Price Calculator
  • Reference our Comparable Bonds feature to benchmark the quote across similar issues in the market

  • A security in your portfolio is downgraded and the price of the bond drops

  • Use dashboards and monitoring tools to identify rating changes, price movements and upcoming payments or defaults
  • All platform data is updated daily to ensure you are always on top of market activity

  • You see activity in the market for a bond you own but aren’t sure whether the security is over or undervalued

  • Determine relative value using our Comparable Bonds feature which provides a set of similar bonds so you can benchmark prices, spreads, yields, etc.
  • Analyze trading patterns across various market cycles with our Price History graphs
  • Develop an outlook on the markets using dashboard analytics and reference curves to survey different industries, sectors, geographies, etc.

  • You’re looking for an investment grade corporate bond with a yield greater than 4% and duration less than 5 years

  • Filter 1.2 million bonds based on criteria such as: maturity, rating, sector, duration, price, call features, etc.
  • Our charts and dashboards allow you to scan the market and identify best performers or most liquid CUSIPS within a specific market segment

  • There are several bonds that match your search criteria and you need to determine the optimal CUSIP to purchase

  • Compare up to 10 bonds side-by-side with a detailed breakdown of key metrics for each security
  • Use charts to locate outliers and visualize which security will provide the exposure you are looking for

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  • Basic search and screening tools
  • Comprehensive analytics and risk/return metrics
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  • Historical market data and trends
  • Basic portfolio management capabilities
  • Exportable market and portfolio reports
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