Fixed Income Portfolio Management

Decision-enhancement tools to support your
unique investment process

CBXmarket | Fixed Income Portfolio Management

A Portfolio Mangement System that Transforms Investment Operations

OASIS helps streamline decision-making workflows to achieve optimal risk-adjusted outcomes for investors. These efficiencies enables investment professionals to focus on higher-value activities.

Automated Data Aggregation and Reporting

Utilize the platform’s robust reporting module to publish customizable, presentation-ready reports for internal and external distribution. OASIS automates time-intensive report construction with batch export capabilities.

  • Analyze the impact of what-if trade scenarios simultaneously across multiple portfolios and investment strategies
  • Optimize portfolios using proprietary software that accounts for investment objectives, manager targets, and compliance guidelines
  • Streamline the trade allocation process for new issues and secondary market purchases

  • Automate manual workflows such as investing excess cash and rebalancing portfolios
  • Expedite the creation of customized reports that display critical, client-specific information
  • Streamline client communication by generating current and historical portfolio summaries

Providing dedicated solutions for all investor types:

  • 45,000 +
    Active quotes spanning the fixed income universe
  • 41,000 +

    Issuers with
    financial data
  • 10.8 MILLION

    Daily yield
    and spread
  • 5 YEARS

    pricing, trades
    and market data

What you can do…

  • Portolio Optimization

    Deploy optimization algorithms that provide trade recommendations to align with targets or correct compliance breaches

  • System Integration

    OASIS integrates with other technology systems to ensure seamless coverage of the entire investment management lifecycle

  • Trade allocation

    Create pre-trade allocation scenarios for primary and secondary trades across multiple portfolios

  • Order Management

    Fully-integrated OMS module transitions clients from idea generation to execution, improving transparency across the organization

  • Investment Process Automation

    Minimize human error from manual data transfers with connectivity to execution and custodial platforms

  • Cross-organization Connectivity

    Improve collaboration between front, middle, and back office professionals with a unified real-time view of portfolio activity

Benefits of using OASIS portfolio management tools

  • OASIS is a purpose-built system for fixed income investors
  • The platform is cloud-based – making it both scalable and easy to implement
  • Modular solution provides flexibility to accomodate your unique investment process
  • Our team takes a consultative approach to implementation and provides hands-on support to ensure a successful deployment

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