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Manage your complete fixed income
investment process

We provide institutional-quality data and analytics to help you stay informed,
identify investment opportunities and better serve your clients.

CBXmarket can help you…

  • Handle things your way

    We know there’s no one-size-fits-all model for making investment decisions – our system can accommodate your unique preferences

  • Scale your business

    Our platform helps you efficiently handle prospecting opportunities and expand existing relationships

  • Deliver for your clients

    Demonstrate your investment expertise and provide actionable advice during client conversations

  • Streamline your investment process

    Leverage a single platform for complete coverage of the fixed income markets with tools to complement every part of your investment process

  • Access the market anytime, anywhere

    Our cloud-based platform allows you to access market information anywhere from any device

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“CBXmarket is an impressive, intuitive and powerful platform that continues to make our lives easier.
It is a critical part of our workflow and a pleasure to use on regular basis.”ROBERT, PRESIDENT & CEO, ASSET MANAGER −

What you can do…

  • A client requests that you validate pricing for a quote before purchasing a bond for his or her portfolio

  • Reference historical pricing data, including trade volume, evaluated prices and dealer quotes
  • Use the Comparable Bonds feature to determine a security’s fair value
  • Use the Price Calculator to calculate yields, spreads and other key metrics based on your desired price for a given CUSIP

  • Oil supply skyrockets which results in downgrades and significant price movements causing compliance breaches across multiple portfolios

  • Receive a daily email with a summary of portfolio activity and strategy/compliance violations
  • Set up automated alerts for rating changes, price movements, cash events, and issuer news
  • Obtain enhanced transparency across all portfolios with aggregating reporting features

  • You manage an employee retirement program and have restrictive investment guidelines for the securities you can hold

  • Use the platform’s advanced filters to screen for securities that fit your unique investment criteria
  • Customize dashboards with the relevant analytics to accommodate your decision-making process
  • Develop watchlists to monitor securities that meet the investment criteria

  • Develop bond ladder strategies with our Investment Strategy tool

  • Our bond screening tool allows you to scan our U.S. fixed income universe to identify a security that suits your needs
  • Plan ahead for changes to the portfolio as bonds roll off the ladder strategy, with cash forecasting and alerts based on your customized guidelines

  • You are transitioning clients into a managed accounts program and need enhanced monitoring and reporting to maintain the growing number of portfolios

  • Benchmark your clients’ SMAs against model portfolios and custom indices
  • Monitor all client accounts across key performance metrics to identify elevated cash levels, upcoming maturities, defaults or ratings changes
  • Receive a daily summary of market activity with customized alerts for any market events related to securities in your portfolios

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  • Corporates, Agencies, Treasuries & Munis
  • Historical market data and trends
  • Comprehensive analytics and key risk/return metrics
  • Issuer financial statements
  • Standard portfolio management capabilities
  • Standard portfolio compliance and monitoring
  • Automated portfolio alerts
  • Advanced search and screening tools
  • Historical pricing and trading information
  • Comparable Bonds tool, Pricing Calculator
  • Enhanced Watchlist features
  • Interactive dashboards and charts
  • Exportable, presentation-quality reports



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  • Dedicated support team
  • Customizable platform experience
  • Multi-license collaboration
  • Aggregated portfolio analytics and reporting
  • Total Holdings feature
  • Complete portfolio management capabilities
  • Comprehensive portfolio compliance and monitoring