Data Sources

Historical market data, prices
and trading details

CBXmarket sources platform data from best-in-class data providers.
Platform analytics and risk/return metrics are updated daily.

Intensive Data Validation Process
Our validation process ensures that bond information is only made available on the platform after a thorough review. We have data scientists focused on structuring the data to maintain the flexibility and breadth of reporting which make our platform unique.

Revolutionary Data Filtering Architecture
CBXmarket’s team of data scientists, finance professionals and experienced developers work to ensure our database of securities is structured so you can efficiently slice and dice across all bond details. The platform’s filtering capabilities allow you to screen for bonds with unprecedented granularity.

Using the Cloud enables us to scale computing power for data integrations, mathematical calculations and platform searches to ensure you receive instantaneous results. Our system is structured to enable you to dynamically slice and dice data across all security parameters without the need for time consuming Excel manipulations.

  • 45,000 +
    Active quotes spanning the fixed income universe
  • 41,000 +

    Issuers with
    financial data
  • 10.8 MILLION

    Daily yield
    and spread
  • 5 YEARS

    pricing, trades
    and market data