“Innovation distinguishes
between a leader and a follower.”

– Steve Jobs

We are leveraging technology to create a monumental
shift in how the fixed income markets operate.

Our team of technologists, data scientists and financial engineers have years of experience developing cloud platforms, implementing machine learning processes and managing big data projects. The cloud-based platform enables us to provide access to quality market data and analytics for all fixed income market participants.

We pioneer cloud-based technologies
Cloud computing offers speed, transparency and simplicity for operating platforms. Our development process leverages big data and applications from globally distributed servers to ensure that data is stored securely and is accessible instantaneously.

CBXmarket | Fixed Income Technology
Using the Cloud enables us to scale computing power for data integrations, mathematical calculations and platform searches to ensure you receive instantaneous results. Our system is structured to enable you to dynamically slice and dice data across all security parameters without the need for time consuming Excel manipulations.

Some facts about our cloud computing power

We deliver complete market data on millions of bonds

We process 10.8 million yield & spread calculations daily

We update financial data for over 41,000 issuers

We store 2.4 billion records with 5 years of historical data

Our goal is to maximize your productivity through efficiency and automation.

Our revolutionary I2Square™ technology

CBXmarket | Fixed Income Dashboards

CBXmarket’s innovative I2 Square™ technology consolidates bond market data and the portfolio information you need into easy-to-use, intelligent dashboard analytics. The platform’s dashboards are comprised of various I2Squares consisting of useful charts, graphs, and tables displaying key information in an easily digestible format.

Each dashboard is thematic and customizable so you can efficiently navigate the massive amount of data on the platform. I2Squares allow you to evaluate cross-sections of the market and make it easy to dive through numbers to underlying data.

Flexibility is the backbone of our technology architecture

We recognize there is no one-size-fits-all model for investment analysis and as such, our system must be able to accommodate your unique preferences in order to efficiently deliver the information you need the way you want to see it. The CBXmarket platform offers you the ultimate flexibility in reporting schemes and dashboard analytics.

As the platform continues to evolve, we remain focused on adding flexibility and functionality so you can leverage the system to complement your unique investment process.

CBXmarket | Fixed Income Analytics