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CBXmarket | Fixed Income Market Research

An Innovative Tool for Bond Analytics & Research covering Agency, Municipal, Treasury and Corporate Bonds

The CBXmarket Fixed Income platform has the tools and resources to support fixed income professionals, bond analysts and individual investors, alike.

Efficiently survey the markets, identify opportunities and monitor issuers. Our platform will enable you to make more informed investments in the complex fixed income markets.

  • Comprehensive coverage of U.S. Corporate, Municipal, Treasury and Agency markets, updated daily
  • Complete relative value analysis
  • Mock up trades with bond evaluation and modeling tools

  • Observe historical market trends across different sectors, maturities, ratings, etc.
  • Perform in-depth credit research with access to issuer financials

Providing dedicated solutions for all investor types:

  • Asset
    • Managed account platform & reporting
    • Portfolio modeling and scenario analysis
    • An alternative to traditional market data & enterprise software providers
  • Financial
    • Advanced bond screening & pricing validation tools
    • Portfolio monitoring & reporting
    • A scalable platform to efficiently manage your clients’ bond investments
  • 1.1 MILLION
    Corporate, Municipal, Treasury and Agency Bonds
  • 41,000 +

    Issuers with
    financial data
  • 10.8 MILLION

    Daily yield
    and spread
  • 5 YEARS

    pricing, trades
    and market data
  • We provide data from the Intercontinental Exchange
  • We provide data from the Electronic Municipal Market Access
  • We provide data from Moodys
  • We provide data from the S&P Capital IQ

What you can do…

  • Bond Valuation Tools

    Use valuation and pricing tools along with historical market data to determine relative value and fair value prices for securities

  • Interactive Charts

    Access charts to identify outliers, evaluate market conditions and review security-level performance within a portfolio

  • Comparable Bonds

    Identify securities for benchmarking and price validation purposes with the algorithm-driven comparable Comparable Bond Generator

  • Security Comparison Tool

    Compare securities side-by-side across key risk/return metrics and charts using our Bond Comparison tool

  • Issuer Financial Statements

    Leverage normalized financials (i.e. income and cash flow statements, balance sheets, earnings estimates, etc.) to complete intensive credit analysis on our 41,000+ issuers

  • Up-to-Date New Issue Coverage

    Stay on top of new issuance and compare current primary market conditions to historical trends

  • Watchlists

    Maintain Watchlists or buy lists to help monitor issuers of interest and follow potential investment opportunities

Benefits of using CBXmarket research tools

  • No long-term commitment – monthly subscription
  • Save time with automated reporting and data aggregation
  • Configure the platform based on your preferences
  • Intuitive interface developed for fixed income investors

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