Fixed Income Analytics & Reporting

Harness the flexibility of a modern technology platform

CBXmarket | Fixed Income Analytics & Reporting

Advanced Analytics and a Savvy Interface for Fixed Income Investors

Research and analytics are only useful when they are accessible. CBXmarket provides a single solution for access to corporate bond prices, municipal bond prices, bond ratings from S&P and Moody’s, fixed income market data including spreads and yields, flexible reporting and more.

  • Complete bond details allow to you fully evaluate a security before investing
  • Save time with automated reporting – no need to run manual analysis out of spreadsheets and clunky reports

  • Utilize historical market charts to compare current market landscape to historical trends across sectors, maturities, ratings and more
  • Develop custom dashboards displaying only the information you want to see

Providing dedicated solutions for all investor types:

  • Asset
    • Managed account platform & reporting
    • Portfolio modeling and scenario analysis
    • An alternative to traditional market data & enterprise software providers
  • Financial
    • Advanced bond screening & pricing validation tools
    • Portfolio monitoring & reporting
    • A scalable platform to efficiently manage your clients’ bond investments
  • 1.1 MILLION
    Corporate, Municipal, Treasury and Agency Bonds
  • 41,000 +

    Issuers with
    financial data
  • 10.8 MILLION

    Daily yield
    and spread
  • 5 YEARS

    pricing, trades
    and market data

What you can do…

  • Bond Evaluation Tools

    Use the pricing calculator, historical trading data or comparable bond benchmarking to determine fair pricing for a security

  • Dynamic Dashboards

    Platform dashboards are configurable, providing you the flexibility to customize with analytics based on your personal preferences

  • Interactive Charts

    Relative value charts can be utilized for cost/benefit security analysis or identification of outliers in the market

  • Custom Branded Reports

    Templated reports allow you to efficiently produce client-ready proposals, marketing materials and presentations

  • Immediate Intelligence Square (I2Square™) Technology

    I2Squares consolidate bond market data and the portfolio reporting information you need into customizable dashboards. The various I2Squares provide insightful charts, graphs, and tables displaying key market and portfolio data

Benefits of using CBXmarket analytics & reporting tools

  • No long-term commitment – monthly subscription
  • Save time with automated reporting and data aggregation
  • Configure the platform based on your preferences
  • Intuitive interface developed for fixed income investors

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