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Harness the flexibility of a modern technology platform

CBXmarket | Fixed Income Analytics & Reporting

Advanced risk monitoring and compliance capabilities to successfully navigate all market environments

Managing the flow of market data, portfolio performance and macro economic developments requires a sophisticated data management solution. Utilize the customizable OASIS monitoring solution to efficiently manage portfolio activity and pro-actively address adverse events, and compelling investment opportunities.

  • Monitor specific market segments with customized bond universes
  • Navigate interest rate, credit, and operational risks with a comprehensive suite of reporting tools

  • Establish organization-wide permissions to maintain consistency across processes and appropriate access to portfolio data
  • Define user roles to ensure team members can only access the functionality required by their job

Providing dedicated solutions for all investor types:

  • 45,000 +
    Active quotes spanning the fixed income universe
  • 41,000 +

    Issuers with
    financial data
  • 10.8 MILLION

    Daily yield
    and spread
  • 5 YEARS

    pricing, trades
    and market data

What you can do…

  • Comprehensive Compliance Framework

    Robust rules engine allows users to codify granular CUSIP & portfolio level guidelines based on 300+ metrics

  • Customizable Alerts

    Receive alerts triggered by specific events such as rating changes, strategy drift, or breaches of tracking error thresholds

  • Live Watchlists

    Maintain lists of dealer inventory or approved credits that easily plug into optimizer to capitalize on compelling trade opportunities

  • Audit Reporting

    Maintain an audit trail with timestamped activities linked to specific user accounts

  • Centralized Access

    Enable stronger communication and coordination of portfolio activities across investment, risk and compliance teams

Benefits of using OASIS analytics & reporting tools

  • OASIS is a purpose-built system for fixed income investors
  • The platform is cloud-based, making it both scalable and easy to implement
  • Modular solution provides flexibility to accomodate your unique investment process
  • Our team takes a consultative approach to implementation and provides hands-on support to ensure a successful deployment

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