CBXmarket is Hosting a Roundtable at InvestOps 2019 in Tampa

CBXmarket is Hosting a Roundtable at InvestOps 2019 in Tampa

Russell Feldman will be leading the discussion on streamlining fixed income investment operations

Upgrading your Investment Operations:
Securing Buy-in and Mastering Implementation

Adoption of new technologies is crucial to staying relevant in today’s operating environment, but without  a thoughtful approach for implementing these solutions, the value of transformative tools often goes undiscovered. Organization-wide buy-in is part and parcel to ensuring innovative technologies deliver on the value they promise.

In our round table Upgrading your Investment Operations: Securing Buy-in and Mastering Implementation, Russell Feldman will offer strategies that ensure a smooth transition to assess technology requirements, ensure adoption across the organization, and successfully deploy new technology. The key topics covered underpin the importance of maintaining an iterative development process, including the gravity of defining roles early on, implementing feedback loops to ensure company-wide buy-in and utilizing critical business learnings to inform strategy.

CBXmarket | Fixed Income Technology

InvestOps USA 2019 is the largest gathering of buyside COOs and Heads of Investment Operations in the country, bringing together investment operations professionals to examine the impacts of new challenges facing the sector. Attendees will gain insights on operating models, how to address regulatory complexities, how to integrate and streamline workflows across organizational silos, leverage new data and analytics capabilities and more.

Join us March 05-07 in Palm Harbor, Florida for what is sure to be a productive week of meetings. You can use our exclusive discount code to receive 20% off your ticket by registering through this link and entering 27906_CBX at checkout.

Hope to see you at the conference.